Little Impressions of  Rio!

The following were little observations I made and of course, relevant to my personal experience, maybe you’ll see and agree/disagree for yourself:

  1. Most beverages are served in flimsy, plastic cups, be it beer or juice. Be careful when walking about…
  2. Food portions is something that is mentioned in most guide books. Rather than ordering a individual plate, the normal is that you and a few pals might order a huge complement meal and share amongst yourselves. And the portions are enough that you are filled. If you decide to take away (emballage), it’s usually between 3-6 reals.
  3. Sweet tooth. Perhaps it was the fact that I ventured into Rio around Easter where there was plenty of Lojas Americanos and Street sellers selling giant chocolate eggs, but my general impression was that products such as Nutella were treated as such a delicacy. Sadly, unlike my American cousins, there were no giant tubs of Nutella one can find in Walmart. However, I found that there were always options for my empanada, tapioca crepe and Acai bowl to have the option of additional sweetener.
  4. Cariocas (I haven’t ventured to other parts of the country, but maybe someone could impart their knowledge) love ketchup. In fact it’s added to everything. or you’re given little sachets for your little sandwich.
  5. Don’t expect a big chains of Starbucks, Subway etc across the city. Sure there are one or two in Centre and of course near the tourist hotspots like Copacabana and Ipanema, but for somebody who’s grown up around British high streets and even found a McDonald’s near the remotest part of Mongolia—it was a refreshing sight.