The funny thing, well, not so funny really, about love and romantic relationships is that they’re not easy.

Very complicated. A little messy. Is that because we are internally and perhaps externally so complicated and conflicted ourselves that the mere possibility of mating and merging with another equally complex and conflicted person is an impossible task?

Fundamentally, if you want a good, healthy and strong relationship, then it needs to be built on a foundation of respect, trust, honesty and communication.

Well, these are testing times. Let’s tell you a tale:

I damaged my phone in Brazil. It was beyond repair. i needed to get a new phone and spent a long time deliberating whether to get a cheap, shit phone or take out a new contract etc etc, before finally committing to an iPhone as I had already got a MAC air and might as well go all out and get the Apple bundle.

I found myself on a website where you could get a techno. on the cheap. which might be bogus and I didn’t want to risk losing money. So I looked on our Friendly Facebook site. Chanced upon a guy whose profile read he lived in London and has traveled a bit. He just seemed interesting. I messaged him. He messaged back. I felt compelled to keep messaging him. He stumbled on the fact I liked Camus, and added me as a Friend. He asked me where I lived. I said London. He said ‘small world’.

That was a white lie.

He asked to meet up for a drink. I said I’d let him know when I was free. We met. Several times. A bit of physical intimacy thrown in. A few misunderstandings and conflict. A few discussions about trust, respect and ‘relationship’.


And here I am. Really into a guy, whom I gave a little white lie. Damn.