Life is a journey. To work on myself and develop a positive attitude is a constant process.

Personal Goals

  1. To love myself:  To take care of my mental health, physical and emotional health. To not beat myself up when things go wrong, or if I don’t do things perfectly, or if I make a mistake. Show some compassion for myself and look after my own needs and wants. This is not the superficial needs—this means—what does my heart really want.
  2. To commit myself to learning something new: This could be learning Catalan, Spanish, how to contour, new skincare regime etc. Any information that I did not know before that I now know. I also have to accept that I won;t master everything in one sitting either. It must be a steady, continuous and committed process.
  3. To not overthink and overworry: I can’t get worked up about what *might* happen in the future. I have to think about mental attitude in the here and now, and what I can do to affect it and flip the narrative.

Material Goals

  1. To do the DELE Spanish exam and reach A2 (will be useful for me in gaining Spanish citizenship)
  2. To lead an active, social life in Barcelona
  3. To write more for different sites and publications.
  4. To travel more often, explore new areas.
  5. To smile more/have a positive attitude.
  6. To not spend money on crap junk.
  7. To cook for myself using simple recipes and sustainable food items. I will be on a budget after all!
  8. To not spend on new clothes or shoes for 1 month in Barcelona–not until Feb 3rd (Tax-free shopping in Andorra!)