Thought of the Day: What does success look like to you at the end of your life?

Answers on a postcard, please.

During this lull between ending my recent work and starting my new phase of new city, job and adventure, I have had the opportunity to think about what my goals are so far. Of course, this is helped in no end by the boundless time I have in reading various articles on how to get my shit together, and watching YOUTUBE content about minimalism, financial goals and getting your shit together like any other late twenties gal.

They all tend to send the same message: It’s ok in the end. You are being too hard on yourself, ruminating, worrying too much and here are some changes that you can use whilst we also shoehorn in some sponsored ad, product or service.

But ultimately, you can research and read but you must find your own truth. In short, I’ve never been a follower so I can never be a minimalist, a Vegan, or a fully paid-up, committed member of anything because I would feel it still would not be 100% me. I need to be me. I need to feel 100% comfortable with my choices, my decisions and my goals.

I have no idea what success is, outside of what external society (family, friends, the glossy ads, etc etc) tell me. So I fail in being able to give a definition to that that opening thought of the day. I’m still a work in progress, I guess.